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Wargod bypass

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28 minutes ago, kkson said:

On anarchy there is no client-side AC. There is only CA server-side.

Yea but there is no problem if Im using the cheat with good config. The problem Is when the admin ask for wargods ? How can I bypass it ? Wargods is a program which scan your cs 1.6 did u use any cheats or no. For example i used hpp once after that i join and the admin decice to make me wargod. IT shows that i used hpp and I get a ban. 

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the real aswer for Wargods bypass is (you need to use a external cheat hpp is internal cheat and is easy to detect ) hpp will never bypass WG but if you ask dev to make you a cheat and you pay him im sure he will agree... this is single solution ATM 

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14 часов назад, Sheeesh сказал:

For me I Found a smart way to bypass its but u need a laptop or another PC :/

Already tried it 1000 times and Wargods banned me automatically for ever with reason: "not properly using this software" or something like this and now i have to buy an unban XD



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On 2/20/2022 at 10:09 AM, _xvi said:

In next global update hpp will appear full unload cheat from cs

Please Let me know if the update done or still comming soon

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